Automation Architect Testing

Automation Testing Training in Ahmedabad Vadodara

UAA(Unicode Automation Architect) framework defines a set of rules which we can follow in a systematic way to achieve the desired results. Test Framework is a combination of Test Data, Test Logic, Test Cases, Test Suites, Config information, Excel File, Database, Logs, screenshots, report generation etc...

Unicode Technologies offers the best end to end training on following frameworks

1. Keyword Driven Framework
2. Data Driven Framework
3. Hybrid Framework
4. Behavior Driven Framework.

Test Automation has increased in uptake significant in recent years on three different fronts:

o The adoption of agile and its usage of automated regression packs
o The amount of testing that can be run post-implementation for major systems
o The potential return on investment available from automated testing on large and complex systems.

Whichever way we look at things, automation is key to efficiency in time, coverage, and cost of testing. More than that, tools to manage automated testing and performance also provide significant levels of confidence about an application and inform decision-making. However, they are complex, and users find they benefit from a tools training course that is specific to their chosen product.

Here’s what you will learn!

o All about automated testing and the fundamentals of TestComplete
o To create your own test suites using the TestComplete User Interface and other tools
o How to manage your projects and project items
o Creating, Recording and Running tests and seamlessly integrating them into the QA process

Enrol now and get the benefit of coaching from industry experts who understand the demands of the business and will help you shape your career in the field of automation testing.