Why to Choose Software Testing as a Career?


Software testing is a good option for adopting as a career. We tell you here some information of software testing. You can get here information about the future scope of software testing

Software Testing

  • Software testing is a process of testing/checking a computer program or system for deciding if it meets the particular requirements and produces desired results. You can identify bugs or errors in a project or product. Software testing is very important to provide a quality product free from bugs. Testing is a process of thinking a lot. Imagination helps in testing and analysis. There are two main concepts. One is imagination and the other is analysis of defects.

There are many reasons for choosing software testing as a career:

  • Software testing becomes a high demand in the market.
  • Software testing is an innovative job.
  • Testing is a platform independent. It works on any operating system without any changes in your testing process.
  • Software Testing is a fair and consistent job.
  • Testers get satisfaction by giving quality products to the end user.
  • Software tester is the only one who enhances the confidence by giving error free delivery to the team.

Software Testing; A Gateway

  • Testing is the gateway of a project. Tester is the shield of that gateway.
  • Software Testers have a life with less stress compared to software developers.
  • Testing doesn’t depend upon any technology.
  • Software testing has a high growth rate.

Software Testing Job attributes : Software testing is performed either manually or by automated tools. Testing methods include white box testing, Black box testing and grey box testing.

  • Challenging: Testing is a very challenging job as it will bring something new every day. If you want a job that helps you to learn new things daily choose to be a tester.
  • Creative: It’s a very innovative job. You have to think broad in all directions and bring innovative ideas as working as the end-user.
  • The software testing career is a high paying career. Software testers are always needed and companies will always recruit you.
  • Software testing is more easy than software development
  • Software testers will always be in demand as long as software development is there.
  • Testing is completely team work. Testers need to work with developers and stakeholders.
  • Testers need to be curious about things like what, when, why and how. More questions in mind help to perform well.
  • Testers are well paid.
  • Being a tester helps you to understand the requirements of the customer well.
  • Testing is easy to learn and challenging.

Career Progression : In a CMMI level 5 company, your progression of career as a software tester (Quality Assurance Analyst) will be as below. It is different from company to company.

  • Quality Assurance Analyst jobs are being offered to Freshers
  • Senior QA Analyst jobs are being offered to candidates having 2 to 4 years of experience.
  • QA Team Coordinator jobs are being offered to candidates having 5 to 6 years of experience.
  • Test Manager Jobs are for candidates having 8 to 11 years of experience.
  • Senior Test Manager Job are being offered to candidates having more than 14 years of experience.