Top Interview Questions and Answers for Python in 2021


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What is python

Python is a high-level, object oriented programming language that is dynamically typed. It is simple and has fairly easy syntax, yet very powerful, making it one of the most popular programming languages for various applications.

What are the key features of Python

  • Python is an interpreted language. This means that codes are interpreted line by line and not compiled as is the case in C. See an example below.

print('This will be printed even though the next line is an error')
Print()#this should return an error


This will be printed even though the next line is an error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "< ipython-input-21-1390f7d30421 >", line 2, in < module >Print()
NameError: name 'Print' isnot defined

As seen above, the first line was printed, then the second line returned the error.

Python is dynamically typed: This means that the variable type does not have to be explicitly stated when defining a variable and these variables can be changed at any point in time. In Python, the line of code below works perfectly.

x = 3 #this is an integer

x = ‘h2kinfosys’ #this is a string

x has been dynamically changed from an integer to a string

  • Everything in Python is an object. Python supports Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and that means you can create classes, functions, methods. Python also supports the 3 key features of OOP – Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation.

  • Python is a general-purpose language. Python can be used for various applications including web development, hacking, machine learning, game development, test automation etc