Steps to Become a Great Automation Testing Engineer

Steps to Become a Great Automation Testing Engineer

Automation testing is in high demand and represents a growing chunk of the software job market. Find out what knowledge and skills are necessary to break into this field.

Let's begin.

Tip #1: Learn the fundamentals of testing very well

This is as a result of Automation Testing is nothing however a branch of testing – a kind that uses a bit a lot of ‘techie’ approach to testing itself. to grasp what you're testing and why you're testing is extremely vital. ‘How’ – is wherever Automation and manual testing dissent.

Tip #2: Start early

Do not anticipate AN automation project to come back to your means before you start. There area unit ample ASCII text file tools on the market. Install one on your personal machine and provides it strive.

Use the generic applications like or or perhaps your standalone Microsoft workplace or Calculator. Anything, basically.

Tip #3: Acquaint yourself with the fundamental secret writing ideas

Familiarize yourself with the fundamental secret writing ideas in any language of your selection. after you take an instant to closely contemplate what an artificial language consists of, most of them area unit a lot of or less identical.

Take VB Scripting for example; you may understand the info varieties, the means during which variables and constants area unit handled, the various operators, conditional statements, loop statements, arrays, functions, etc.

Once you perceive these ideas you'll simply extrapolate your information to any language. thus offer yourself a minimum of every week to totally perceive these ideas.

Tip #4: Overcome the ‘starting trouble’

The first test/program that you simply write goes to be confusing in spite of however well-read you're on the topic. It positively goes to be overwhelming. however, don't worry. consider it as if you're translating your manual take a look at into a unique medium aside from English.

Tip #5: Don’t be intimidated

It is terribly simple for a beginner to appear at AN automation take a look at or program and suppose that it's terribly technical which you may ne'er be ready to even comprehend it abundant less write one thing like that. Don’t worry; it's natural to feel this fashion.

For example, if you wish to enter the username worth within the login page. what's the statement that you simply would write in your manual take a look at case?

It will be like entering: “swatiseela” within the “Username” field within the page.

When you translate it to VBScript to be a press release in your QTP take a look at it'll be:

1 “Browser("Gmail: Email from Google").page("Gmail: Email from Google"). 2 “WebEdit("Email").Set “swatiseela””. You see, there's not abundant distinction. The means you're referencing the place to enter the username is completed otherwise.

Since every automation takes a look at step is performed by a machine rather than a person's, you only have to be compelled to certify that you simply write your instruction (test step) as clearly as doable with no ambiguity.

Instead of simply voice communication enter the worth, you're really activity the precise names of the objects within the page as they're named by the developer. Once you're ready to grasp this translation, automation is straightforward.

Tip #6: Learn by seeing

This is the strategy I in-person follow any time I even have to figure with a replacement tool. each tool that comes onto the market, in spite of however technically strong it's, tries to be easy. thus all the options of the tool ought to be accessible from the menu.

Here is what I do – I begin from the “File” menu possibility and move through till I reach “Help” and check out to offer a perfunctory look at every and each menu-submenu item. Most of the names are going to be representative of what that possibility will. however just in case, you would like a lot of info, simply click thereon item and appearance.

If you continue to would like a lot of data, use the assistance file. this fashion you're not watching for somebody to offer you the information on the tool. you're familiarising yourself with the tool and therefore the IDE exploitation your initiative. It helps you assess what's progressing to be helpful to you and what's not.

Tip #7: Facilitated files

Many folks seek for on-line tutorials and forums to induce started. whereas they're all nice, nothing comes about to the assistance files that associate with the tool. it's your biggest treasure. It describes everything that the tool will ever do. thus contemplate each automation program you write as AN open book examination. The open book being the assistance file. create your 1st destination whenever you're lost.

Tip #8: Observe

Be patient with yourself and apply writing code frequently. keep in mind that testing is verification and validation. thus write tests in a very means that every one has passed and fail criteria clearly outlined. You don’t wish AN automation tool to only do the info entry and leave the analysis to you. certify your program are going to be ready to clearly verify and gift the result as pass or unsuccessful.

Tip #9: Try to be better

Once you solve a drag and write a program, consider ways in which you'll create it higher. are you able to create it a lot of readable? are you able to come through the end in fewer lines of code? are you able to employ a number of the components? are you able to avoid exploitation as several variables as you did? Is your program memory efficient? are you able to create it run any faster? – These area units a number of the queries that you simply ought to detain mind and work towards.

Tip #10: Keep an open mind

While automation testing is nice and offers the testers a ‘God-Complex’, we've got {to accept|to simply accept|to simply accept} that in some cases it's just not the thanks to going. At such times, be sleek concerning it as a result of testing is our primary objective, whether or not we tend to take the automation route or the manual route.


I hope this text has answered some queries that each one you aspiring automation testers should have had. If you opt to venture into it and have from now on reservations, please allow us to understand through the comments.