Blog 15 - All You Need To Know About Selenium WebDriver Architecture

In the modern world, with each passing day, hundreds of web and mobile applications are being deployed to the web. QA team has to always be at their toes to ensure that these web applications are functional outside the development environment by ensuring the functionality is adequately tested before release to the customer. Earlier, this tedious task was done by the manual testers through the human power of observation, taking an enormous amount of time. The Selenium entered the industry. Selenium is a suite of tools viz. Selenium IDE, WebDriver, Selenium RC, etc. helps the QA team to simulate user actions on the web browser and automates the user flow, thereby helping in executing a large no of test cases in a short span of time.


Blog 14- Top 10 Highest Paid Tech Jobs in India

To pick your career path, would you say you are searching for the most generously compensated tech jobs? Thus, to settle on your profession decision easier, more astute, and keep your eyes open for conceivable outcomes, here are the absolute most generously compensated tech occupations in India.


Blog 13- ISTQB Certification: What you need to do?

The present situation of the market is aggressive. Taking an online test can enable you to separate yourself from the rest, expand your work possibilities, and result in higher compensation.


Blog 12- Tips To Choose Right Software Testing Training Institute

Software Testing market is nurturing and can still propel thanks to rapid advancement in technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud computing. it'll also bring a metamorphosing change within the way we perceive software testing. Choosing the simplest software course in Ahmedabad is often a touch dilemmatic due to the presence of multitudinous Software testing training institutes. The technology is ultra adaptive, and because the trends are being set by new products and services, the software testing market is switching accordingly


Blog 10- The most effective method to Avoid High-Impact Risks in QA Delivery

Without powerful QA, your entire item can fizzle, harming your image and costing you clients. Finding issues after a delivery is dangerous. Be that as it may, so is as a rule delayed to advertise with your dispatch or most recent delivery.


Blog 9- Why to Choose Software Testing as a Career?

Software testing is a good option for adopting as a career. We tell you here some information about software testing. You can get here information about the future scope of software testing.


Blog 8- All You Need To Know About ISTQB certification? Why ISTQB is Best Testing Certification?

ISTQB Certification is globally acknowledged software testing certification that is directed online by its Member Boards through a testing Exam Provider. An Exam Provider is an association authorized by a Member Board(s) to offer tests locally and universally including online testing confirmation. Applicants who effectively finish the test are given the ISTQB Certified Tester testament. This site gives all the QA Training material expected to breeze through the ISTQB Foundation level test.


Blog 7- The Importance of Manual and Automated Penetration Testing

Powerful web application security ought to be a top need. The core of a fruitful penetration test is amicability among Automated and Manual test draws near. Although different, manual and automated penetration testing are not totally unrelated. Deployed together they can bring about successful and proficient inclusion of a web application. Be that as it may, what are the points of interest and impediments of each, and how do the two procedures cooperate when testing a web application?


Blog 6- JMeter Performance and Load Testing

Apache JMeter is an open-source application apparatus intended to stack test useful conduct and measure execution on static pages, dynamic assets, and web applications. It very well may be utilized to reproduce an overwhelming burden on a server or gathering of servers, database, or system to test its quality, or to break down generally speaking execution under various burden types.


Blog 5- Everything You Need To Know About Selenium Testing

Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting test automation. Most Selenium QA Engineers focus on one or two tools that most meet the needs of their project, however learning all the tools will give you many different options for approaching different test automation problems. The entire suite of tools results in a rich set of testing functions specifically geared to the needs of testing of web applications of all types. These operations are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating UI elements and comparing expected test results against actual application behavior. One of Selenium’s key features is the support for executing one’s tests on multiple browser platforms.


Blog 4- Software Testing Life Cycle- Different Stages of Testing

This blog on Software Testing life cycle will give nitty gritty information pretty much every one of the means associated with testing in the accompanying arrangement :


Blog 3- Top 5 Software Testing Trends In Quality Assurance Segment

The business digitalization of this age has set off the new advancements in programming improvement that incorporates the developing testing patterns in quality affirmation fragment. QA is the most significant perspective that features the bugs and feeble purposes of applications and sites before they go under the control of clients. Testing is an essential phase of programming improvement that sets aside an organization's cash and designers' endeavors and time by recognizing bugs and issues rapidly and adequately.


Blog 2- Steps to Become a Great Automation Testing Engineer

Testing automation is in high demand and represents a growing chunk of the software job market. Find out what knowledge and skills are necessary to break into this field.


Blog 1- An Expert Guide To Learn About Software Testing And Be Successful

Software testing is the process of reviewing a system or its component(s) to find if it completes the specified requirements or not. Testing is that the method of capital punishment a system so as to search out any gaps, errors, or missing necessities in terms of the particular necessities.In testing, a check state of affairs is what to be tested and a action at law is a way to be tested. In alternative words, a check state of affairs may be a cluster of check cases.