Selenium is an open source functional and regression automation web testing tool. Selenium automates only browsers. We have designed the course for the testing team who will be using automation testing tools. Below are the different topics that we can use with Selenium.

Selenium IDE: IDE stands for integrated development environment. It is firefox’s plug in. With the help of IDE, we can use readymade commands developed in JavaScript in IDE. As an example, if you want to click on button or link, click or clickAndWait command will be used. IF we require to type in text boxes, we use type command or sendKeys. For selecting any value from drop down box, we use Select command. To open a link on a browser, we use open command. All the commands are laid in Selenium Core libraries. When we configure IDE on Firefox browser, we get it by default. We can also create our own javascript methods. The main drawback of IDE is, it executes the script only on firefox browser as it is its add-on.

Selenium RC: RC stands for Remote Control. With the help of RC, we can write scripts in any of programming languages like C#, JAVA, PHP, Ruby, Perl and Python. We can execute our script on any browser like FF, IE, Google Chrome, Safari etc. We can create batch file and executes the code using JAVA or we can take help of any editor to write and execute the code. Mainly companies use Eclipse as an editor for writing scripts.

Selenium WebDriver: WebDriver is the successor of Selenium to automate the functionality of an application. Webdriver direct connects to the native client of the browser where as RC connects to the Selenium RC server first and that server connects to respective browser. We can write script in any of the programming language in order to automate the functionality of an application. We can handle  HTML objects like list, radio buttons, links, textboxes, using webdriver. We can attach any file, can handle frame, AJAX auto suggest functionality, Drag and drop functionality, Cookies management, Simulating front and back button, generating logs, use of Action class etc..We provide Selenium webdriver training in Ahmedabad and baroda.

JUnit or TestNG: JUnit and TestNG are readymade test framework. There are some annotations we can use for execution the methods in JAVA. We can parameterize our script with JUnit or TestNG. We can generate HTML reports and organize our code in better manner.

Apache ANT: ANT is a Java based build tool. We can also say that it deployment tool. Files that are developed in ANT are in XML. We use ANT for compiling our code. We can download the zip from the website.

Maven: Maven is a configuration management tool by Apache. We can manage the projects documentation work, build using Maven. We can manage releases, documentation work, reporting and builds.

We provide training on above topics as a part of Selenium training from our Ahmedabad and baroda office.

Success Speaks

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