Load Testing Tools

Load testing is subjecting your system to statistically representative load. Load testing is non-functional type of system testing. Load runner, WAPT, Rational Robot are the front runner of the load testing.

Why is load testing important?

1) Measure and monitor the performance of an e-business infrastructure.

2) Avoid project failures by predicting site behavior under large user loads.

3) It improves scalability and performance of the system.

Below points are considered for performance and load testing.

The following knowledge is required in the start up phase:

- Type of application

- Test Scenarios

- Number of Virtual Users

- Concurrent and No-Concurrent Users

- Implementation of Stress Testing

- Web Server and Load Balancer availability

- Web Server Configuration

- Use of Web Clusters/Farm

- Bandwidth and stability of Internet connection

- Type of environment

- Use of near production or production application

- Capacity of Email Server/SMTP server

- Use of Performance Counters

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